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Program Requirements

For prospective international students requesting admission to WVU as undergraduates, the minimum test requirement is an iBT TOEFL of 79 or IELTS of 6.5 with a high school GPA of 2.5. If TOEFL scores are below 79 or IELTS is below 6.5, a student can be conditionally admitted to an undergraduate degree program with additional placement in English support classes through ELLI. If a student places into the AMP ESL program, the English support classes can be applied towards their academic degree and may contribute to graduation requirements.

If a student doesn't have test scores, or if their test scores are too low for the AMP ESL program, they can enroll in the IEP full-time or part-time. Test scores cannot be used to waive credit-bearing required English classes (i.e. ENGL 101). IEP courses are not credit-bearing and will not count towards an undergraduate degree.

Intensive English Program AMP ESL Two-Semester Path AMP ESL One-Semester Path
Program length 1 to 4 semesters
(12 weeks summer, 16 weeks fall & spring)
2 semesters (about 9 months) 1 semester (about 4.5 months)
Credits earned
toward degree
None 24 or more 12 or more
Progression into... AMP ESL Two-Semester Path Year 1 of degree Year 1 of degree
GPA minimum N/A 2.5 2.5
iBT TOEFL minimum N/A 61 74
IELTS minimum N/A 5.5 (no section scores below 5.5) 6.0 (no section scores below 6)
PTE minimum N/A 44 50
Program requirement information about the IEP, AMP ESL-2 and AMP ESL-1

Requirements for AMP ESL's One-Semester Path

This AMP ESL path is designed to develop students’ English proficiency to the university level in one semester. Only students with the appropriate scores (iBT TOEFL 74-78, IELTS 6.0) will be enrolled. AMP ESL's One-Semester Path offers expertly taught language instruction to aid students in reaching the required English proficiency level of West Virginia University. AMP ESL students in this path will take two English Support courses and three undergraduate courses, all of which may contribute to their graduation requirements.

Requirements for AMP ESL's Two-Semester Path

AMP ESL-2 provides increased opportunities for English language instruction with a two-semester program of courses. Students with iBT TOEFL scores of 61-73 or IELTS scores of 5.5 will be enrolled in the AMP ESL-2 program. AMP ESL-2 students will take three English Support courses and two undergraduate courses in the first semester and two English Support courses and three undergraduate courses in the second semester, all of which may contribute to their graduation requirements.

Requirements for the Intensive English Program

If a student does not have test scores or thier scores do not qualify for either of the AMP ESL programs, then they may want to enter the Intensive English Program. The IEP provides students with intensive English language support and does not include credit-bearing classes. Following completion of IEP Level 4 with a GPA of 3.0 or better, students will progress into the AMP ESL-2 path. Students in the IEP may not progress to a higher AMP ESL path or to full university study without the requisite test scores.

Transferring ESL Credit

Completion of an English language program at another U.S. university or college will not be accepted as proof of English proficiency.